The ranch presently has a good, reputable business, selling hay to horse and cattle owners and earns enough income to support the owner or a ranch manager. The existing ranch-house could be a manager's residence, located near the main gate to provide good security.

The ranch property can support 50-100 head of purebred cattle.

The ranch also has a small logging side with timber on deeded land. The forest is of mixed species: fir, spruce, aspen, and some pine. Selective logging works very well in this situation, with an opportunity to market value-added products such as house logs or timbers or lumber from a small sawmill.

Presently the vegetable gardens are organic, and the beef, pork and poultry are raised naturally, on pasture in a healthy environment. This provides for as much self sufficiency and good food as possible. No herbicides, pesticides, drugs or hormones.

Some of the future functions of the ranch could include continuing to run it in its present form (generating income), or turning it into a large hobby farm or an impressive private estate.

View from Master Bedroom